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Going Green

Placer Concrete Construction vows to be an environmentally responsible member of the community.  Through various initiatives, we work as a team to create and implement environmentally friendly policies.  Additionally, Placer Concrete Construction uses vendors who also prioritize environmentally prudent practices. 

Concrete has a handful of great benefits to help with the reduction of greenhouse gases as a building material.  Concrete can be recycled into aggregate materials to be used as base material that compacts very well to add support to a concrete pads and sidewalks. 

Recycling this material helps prevent it from ending up in landfills and doesn’t require mining for raw materials.  Cement mixtures are sourced locally and for specific quantities to prevent waste and any excess can be recycled at a local recycling center. 

Concrete can also keep areas cooler with its ability to reflect light to help mitigate urban heat impacts that helps save energy with the temperature reduction from reflective services.  This also offers incentives for LEED building design in helping reduce urban heat islanding. 

The durability of concrete offers great benefits compared to other types of building materials since it will last for many years without having to be replaced which helps with sustainability. 
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